120G Textile Min-Backlit Banner


Item No.: ZCL-102E 



Width :  1.9 m/2.2m/ 2.5m/2.8m/ 3m/3.2

Ink:Solvent/Eco-solvent /Latex/UV 

Backlit Banner : It is suitable for wedding photo studio, home decoration, architectural decoration, design institute, planning institute, product design center, bridge construction, and ultra-slim and beautiful: she is ultra-thin and ultra-light, with elegant appearance. Its thickness is generally less than 3CM, which is only about 1/10 of the thickness of ordinary light boxes. Therefore, she maximizes space utilization, beautifies the environment, saves transportation costs, simplifies installation procedures, and broadens application scope. Especially the environment with strict requirements on space use, such as: elevators, public passages, shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, stations, etc., is the most ideal place to use ultra-thin light boxes.