260G Polyester Hand-painted Oil Canvas


Item:Polyester hand-painted oil canvas gray back


Coating of Backside : Gray Finish 


Item No.:ZC-60HG    




Length: 30m/50m    

Width : 0.61m/0.914m/1.07m/1.27m/1.52m    



Base fabric composition: 100% polyester

Applicable to: Suitable for line painting, decorative painting, widely used in wedding photo studios, indoor and outdoor advertising, hanging flags, people or landscape images, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolors, etc. No bubbles, no pinholes, clear warp and weft on the cloth surface, and clear grid. The coating is firm, does not peel off, does not crepe, crack or impervious; the color is vivid and vivid, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong. It has no deformation and does not change color for a long time. It supports high-precision original oil painting copy output, strong print compatibility, bright colors, high image resolution, and strong anti-aging performance. If the brush stroke is appropriately added, the effect is better.