380G Eco-solvent Glossy Poly-cotton Canvas


Item:Eco-solvent Glossy Poly-cotton Canvas    


Item No.:ZC-109EG    



Length: 30m/50m    

Width  : 0.61m/0.914m/1.07m/1.27m/1.52m    


Polyester cotton canvas: Good water absorption, good appearance, tensile strength, fine texture, now commonly used in inkjet oil painting and digital oil painting. The inkjet canvas has been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, so no rot, moisture, or mildew will occur. The coating is even and flat, and the surface has no particles, no air bubbles, and no pinholes. It supports high-precision original oil painting reproduction and output, and strong print compatibility , Colorful, high image resolution, strong anti-aging performance.